Easily compare prices for

The browser extension that helps you save money by comparing prices at the unit price.


Apples-to-apples comparison

We show you total price and unit price so you can make easy buying decisions no matter the size.

More ways to save.

We compare millions of variations in product sizes, scents, and packaging in seconds. So you don't have to.

Bad sellers?


We don’t include resellers with low reviews. No scams, no stress— just accurate price comparison.

Sondra M.

This extension is super cool because it provides the end-user with lots of different options to save on what they're searching for, or even just recommendations on similar products.



How it works

Shop online

Just shop online like you normally would at these online stores.

Popcart compares prices

Popcart automatically compares prices and tells you the best price.

Save instantly

With one click, select the best price and complete your order.

Price comparison made simple.

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