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About Popcart

Popcart was founded to address the growing complexity of getting fair prices when shopping online.

Dynamic prices, set by algorithms and bots, have become a fact of life in our digital world. Think variable airline ticket prices or surge pricing on rides on Uber or Lyft. As a result, we have grown reliant on tools to help us make the best decisions by automatically comparing prices on anything from airfares to cell phone plans to that new television.

dynamic prices

In the last couple of years, we have benefitted from remarkable new options online for buying the everyday essentials—from shampoo to snacks, from pet food to vitamins and paper towels. Groceries and everyday essentials have become the hottest front in the battle for online dominance, with over $1T (yes - that's a trillion!) of American consumer spending at stake.

online shopping is evolving quickly

But comparing prices on the things we buy all the time is hard online. Millions of packaging options, flavors, and scents may be designed to please everyone but in practice have the effect of frustrating any manual effort to find the best prices the everyday essentials. When you add dynamic pricing to the mix, the result is a roll of the dice every time you pick that first search result, hit 'buy it again', or Subscribe & Save.

comparing prices is hard

Our purpose is to give people an easier way to compare prices and have peace of mind when shopping for the things they buy all the time.

The Story of Us

Not so long ago, comparison shopping meant visiting your local corner store and looking at the price tags with the price-per-unit on the shelf. Online comparison shopping today? You have to open multiple browser tabs or apps, sort through different prices by size, scent, and retailer, and attempt some very tedious mental math, never sure who has the best price.

For our founders, Omri and Ryan, the brains behind Popcart, it was readily apparent that comparing prices online for the things you buy all the time, those everyday essentials, was deeply flawed. And yet the convenience of online shopping for those items is so alluring for any busy person!

Enter Popcart.

Popcart creates tools that help people easily compare prices in seconds down to the unit price. Popcart has revolutionized the way thousands of people shop online for everyday essentials. It's a better way to search, compare, and save for those things you buy all the time. Popcart is a privately-owned company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

What makes us different?

Comparison shopping in multiple dimensions

We totally geek out about it. Here's how it works.
basic price comparison

We call this one-dimensional price comparison: comparing the exact same product and package (the same barcode) between retailers. While this may work for that new TV model, it falls short when comparing prices for everyday essentials. There are too many packaging options across retailers and too much variety for this approach to get you anywhere near the best price.

popcart price comparison in 3D

Popcart considers three dimensions when searching through products to compare prices: retailer, packaging, and variation in flavors and scents. It compares thousands of options from shampoo to laundry detergent, cutting through bottle sizes or roll types (toilet paper math? really?), reducing everything to unit prices. In other words —we do the hard work so you don't have to. We make price comparison simple for your busy life so you can shop with peace of mind you're always getting the best price.

Meet the team

Alexander Lang
Alexander LangDesign
Mina Saleeb
Mina SaleebEngineering
Omri Traub
Omri TraubCo-founder
Ryan Stark
Ryan StarkCo-founder