What is Popcart?

Popcart is a browser extension that helps you compare prices on everyday essentials down to the unit price. Popcart is available on the Chrome Web Store.


How does Pocpart work?

The Popcart browser extension works on the websites you already shop. To use Popcart, simply open Chrome and begin browsing for your everyday essentials on the stores we currently support: Amazon, Sephora, Target, or Walmart. When Popcart finds savings, we'll let you know with a pink alert in your browsing window.


What products does Popcart support?

Popcart currently supports everyday essentials including pet care, baby, beauty and personal care, household cleaning supplies, pharmacy, health supplements, and non-perishable pantry items.


What stores does Popcart support?

Popcart will be active when you’re browsing on Amazon, Sephora, Target, and Walmart. If we find a better price, we’ll let you know with the pink alert in your browsing window.


What are the benefits of using Popcart?

We believe everyone has the right to be an informed online shopper. Deals and coupons are only one piece of the equation. These don’t solve for continuous price fluctuations across stores, price discrepancies due to packaging size variations, and the headache of sorting through member-only rewards and loyalty programs. 


Popcart is here to help make shopping online simpler. The way it should be. We make it easy for you to compare prices for the things you buy all the time while saving you a significant amount of time and money.


How do I install Popcart?

We're so glad you are joining the Popcart community! Popcart is currently available on Chrome. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow this link to install Popcart for Chrome.

  2. Click on Add to Chrome and then Add extension.

  3. Popcart is successfully installed!


Do I need to create an account to start using Popcart?

Yes. To begin saving on your everyday essentials, you will need to provide a valid email address.


I have the Popcart extension installed on my Chrome browser. What do the different colors of the extension in my browser mean?

Popcart has three different statuses:

  • Grey: Popcart does not currently support the store or website you are browsing.

  • Pink: Popcart supports this store, but can’t find any savings. That’s ok, you’re helping us improve our price comparison algorithm for the rest of the community.

  • Pink with number icon: Hooray! You’ve identified and item with savings. Make sure to click the extension to shop and save.

What happens when I click “Shop Now” in the Popcart extension?

Magic. But seriously, that means you’re most likely on your way to savings. When you select a product in Popcart and click “Shop now” we’ll take you directly to product listing where you can complete your purchase as you normally would.


Does Popcart work on a mobile phone? Or a tablet?

Popcart is only available as a browser extension for desktop.


How do I submit feedback to Popcart?

Help us personalize Popcart for you and all of the essentials you shop for online. If you have any questions or suggestions email us at team@popcart.com.


How do I uninstall Popcart?

You can uninstall Popcart from your Chrome browser by right-clicking on the Popcart extension icon in your browser and selecting “Remove from Chrome.” Please take a moment to fill out our survey and let us know why you are no longer interested in using Popcart. Understanding why people like you join Popcart and what your shopping needs are helps us grow and improve the product. We want to be creating the best experience possible for you.


How do I delete my account?

To delete your Popcart account, please send us an email at support@popcart.com. Requests will be completed within 48 hours.

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