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6 Sweets for your Valentine at a Tasty Price Tag

Not sure what to get your Valentine? Whether you are looking for something sweet for yourself, your significant other, or your friends - we have you covered. Here are six deals you can find when shopping online with Popcart by your side this Valentine’s Day!

Russell Stover Valentine's Assorted Chocolate

$28.80 on Amazon to $19.99 at Target

What’s more classic than getting a heart-shaped box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? We don’t think there’s much. Gift the perfect box with this Russell Stover assorted chocolate box. By using Popcart to do a quick check, you’ll discover an online shopping savings of almost $9 by simply switching from Amazon to Target.

Hershey's, Hugs & Kisses Valentine's Chocolate

$8.99 on Target to $7.98 on Walmart

Everyone loves a kiss from someone they love. Most everyone enjoys a Hershey’s Kiss - no matter who gives it to them. As the iconic chocolate gift, we thought it perfect to start with a deal on these adorable chocolates. Save and get more per package by changing from Target to Walmart. You’ll be able to put them on your desk at work, in gifts for friends, and in a container to your child’s school. The possibilities are limitless.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles

$11.59 on Target to $10.17 on Amazon

There are a few types of chocolate everyone knows about: Lindt, Godiva, and Gardelli. No matter which you love to the most - chances are you’d like to save 12% on Lindt chocolate. By using Popcart when shopping online - that’s more than possible! In addition, you’ve saved even more as Amazon has free prime delivery with two-day shipping. At the same time, you must order over $35 on Target to get the same deal.

Reese's Thins

$3.48 on Walmart to $2.69 on Amazon

Though Valentine's Day might be synonymous with Chocolate, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Instead, you can slim it down for a change. These Reese’s Thins are great if you’re looking to get a taste of Valentine’s Day but also want to stick to those 2020 health goals. Best of all, through online shopping with Popcart, you were able to save 23%!

Kit Kat Miniatures

$10.99 on Target to $7.88 on Amazon

The best type of candy (if you ask us) is assorted varieties of chocolate! You can choose a flavor based on how you feel that day. In addition, your work desk doesn’t have to have a bowl of just one thing. You can have three or four types of candy in one convenient package. Save a whopping $3 only by heading from Target to Amazon.

Airheads Candy Bars - Variety Pack

$0.27 per bar at Target to $0.19 per bar at Amazon

Not everyone is a chocolate lover, as much as we might be ourselves. The good news - there are other options out there. Try these Airheads, for example. They taste good, and they’re fun to play with (who cares if you aren’t SUPPOSED to play with your food.) Best of all, you save when you buy in bulk. Now, you can give two or three to all your favorite friends.

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