popcartFebruary 28, 2021

Cozy Deals for Cabin Fever

Who else is dealing with a case of cabin fever? Not only have we been staying at home more this last year, but now in much of the country, we’re in the middle of a snow-filled, ice-cold winter. Looking to break out while still staying in? Here are the cozy deals you can hop on to combat your cabin fever.

Flex Your Star Wars Nerdom With Some Cozy Slippers

This is literally the definition of cozy. If you are a fan of Star Wars and specifically, Chewbacca, then you are going to love these house slippers. While it’s cold outside, stay warm with these fluffy slippers. Every time you look down, you’ll be met with the gaze of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters of all time. You can grab these cozy slippers for $34.99 on Amazon now. 

Netflix and…Popcorn

While you’re sitting down to enjoy the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, you inevitably may start craving some popcorn. Go ahead and grab this perfect microwavable popcorn popper on Amazon. Not only does it come in several different colors, instead of buying bags of popcorn, you can save money while purchasing the kernels and using this microwavable popper to make delicious, buttery popcorn.

Relive Your Childhood

Anybody else play the CandyLand board game when you were a child? This fun, adorably themed board game was quintessential during our playtime as a child and maybe it was for you as well. If you want to relive that nostalgic magic or you have children of your own, grab CandyLand on Amazon for a little throwback.

Stay Warm and Calm With a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a very helpful tool to remaining serene and calm. There’s plenty of research that shows how weighted blankets promote good sleep, which we all need with the stress of the world right now. Stay in bed just a little longer with a weighted blanket, which can be found on Amazon.

Promote Healthy Breathing With a Cool Mist Humidifier

With health being most people’s number one concern, having a humidifier in your home is a great idea. Not only does it keep the dry winter air at bay, it also cleans and refreshes your living spaces. This cool mist humidifier can be found on Amazon.

Start an Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Do you miss the outdoors and green grass? By getting an indoor hydroponic garden, you can get the feel of being outside even when you aren’t. The ideas are endless to create a floral, herb, or even vegetable oasis. Find this indoor garden on Amazon and get to planting!

Find The Best Deals Online

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