popcartJanuary 9, 2021

Decrease Your Financial Stress in 2021

2020 is finally over, but that doesn’t mean that the stresses of the previous year haven’t carried over into 2021. Due to the financial repercussions of a nearly year-long pandemic lockdown, people are forced to be smarter about their spending in 2021. In 2020, 90% of people stated that finances had an impact on their stress levels. And 65% of people claimed that their financial difficulties were piling up to a point where they did not feel they could manage their finances down to a stress-free level. 

How do we decrease our financial stress in the new year to help us live a better life and to be able to not worry about finances anymore? Changing the way you shop is certainly a start to easing the strain that financial stress has on you and your wallet. Here are things you should keep in mind while shopping to help you out:

It’s Time to Stop Shopping By Brand

Many times, we’re tricked into a false reality that more expensive clothing and items equal longevity and even admiration. Why spend over $300 dollars on a pair of pants you need when you can spend less than $50 and look exactly the same? If you’re job hunting and looking for an outfit to wear to an interview, you want to look good, but you don’t want to drain yourself of your assets while doing so. 

No, You Don’t Need the New iPhone

Your financial stress will not be eased by purchasing the latest iPhone. Apple always seems to come out with a new version of their phone, which makes people believe they have to jump on the release. These phones usually cost around $1,000, which is not something you want to spend while trying to save money.

It’s Time to Clean Out the House

Over the years, we have all accumulated possessions that we have no longer worn/used, or ones that we’ve never worn or used. By going through your home, you’ll find items that you no longer have use for. Rather than throwing these items out, see what you can get cash for. If you have some game consoles or jewelry that you’re ready to part with, there are plenty of online platforms you can sell them on.

You Can Still Feel Fancy While Eating In

As human beings, we love going out to eat. Whether it’s brunch time or a three-course dinner at a fancy restaurant, going out is not only a social experience, but a trip through flavortown. Unfortunately, not only do most states still have bans against indoor dining, but this kind of activity can quickly add financial strain on your wallet. Instead of constantly ordering out, start making food in. It’s cheaper to buy ingredients and even if you aren’t the best of cooks, you can learn and make a meal that you and your loved ones are proud of. 

Saving Online Is the Best Way to Save
Decreasing your financial stress in 2021 also includes having the right tools online while you shop. This is why you need a service like Popcart – Popcart is an online extension that helps find you the best deals you can get on the internet. With comparative prices presented, you can save and help lift the strain off your wallet this year.