popcartJune 8, 2021

Grilling Must-Haves to Start the Summer

As warm summer days roll in, so does the time for enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re entertaining guests at home or you’re BBQing with friends at the park, this time of year brings a popular American staple: grilling. Now that the start of summer is only a few weeks away, it’s time to prepare to kick off summer with a bang. 

Feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to grilling tools and essentials? No worries – we’ve got your back. Here’s a look at all the must-haves to stock up on before the grilling festivities arrive.

A Grill

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you can’t cook up savory, palate-pleasing eats without having the equipment needed to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for a portable grill or a stationary unit for your backyard oasis, Target is currently running some can’t-miss deals on grills. 

Find on Target for $229.99.

Duck Covers

When your grill isn’t in use, you’ll want to safeguard your investment by grabbing some protective gear. From inclement weather to the unexpected wildlife moseying around your yard, purchasing a duck cover will ensure your grill remains in good condition in-between uses. Duck covers are also an essential piece of maximizing the lifespan of your grill. 

Find at Kohls for $55.99.


If you’re using a charcoal grill, then you’re going to need the proper fuel to fire everything up. As one of the most recognizable brands of charcoal – Kingsford Match Light Charcoal is just what you need to start cooking up those ribs and steaks. 

Find on Target for $9.99.

Get Yourself a Good Pair of Tongs

As you put your culinary skills to the test, it’s important to remember that you’re handling food atop an incredibly hot surface. Burnt fingers = no one’s idea of “summer fun.” So, you’re going to need a quality pair of tongs to handle your food. Whether you’re grilling up some steak, chicken or veggies, utilizing tongs to flip and move food as it cooks is the key to grilling safely. 

Find on Kohls for $16.99.

A BBQ Grill Set

A good pair of tongs isn’t the only thing that you’re going to need. There’s grill scrappers to keep things clean, skewers to stick your meat and veggies on and more. The solution? This 17-piece BBQ grill set from Target has everything you need to enjoy delectable eats this Memorial Day Weekend. 

Find on Target for $20.00.

A Non-Stick Grilling Bowl

Some foods shouldn’t – or can’t – be placed directly onto the grill. But, that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit that mouth-watering charcoal flavor that comes with grilling your food. This is where a non-stick grilling bowl comes in handy. Get one online and see the difference it can make!

Find on Target for $10.00.

Double Press For Your Burgers

A burger has never tasted better than when it’s cooked on a flaming hot press. To maximize that delicious grill flavor, you must have a double press to really get a great sear.

Find on Target for $8.99.

Quesadilla Grill Rack

Make savory quesadillas on the grill when you equip yourself with a quesadilla rack. Whether you’re going for a classic cheese quesadilla or a loaded one, you can make it on the grill with the right tools on hand.

Find on Kohls for $9.09.

Protective Rubber Gloves

You’re handling a hot grill – you don’t want to get burned! Avoid injuries when you equip yourself with a pair of durable, rubber gloves. Resistant to heat, you’ll keep your hands protected when using your grill.

Find on Wayfair for $19.99.

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