popcartJanuary 14, 2020

How to Create Healthier Online Shopping Habits in 2020

The new year is already establishing itself as a time for progress and achievement. While everyone is adding to their “20 things for 2020” list, we want to make sure healthier online shopping habits get on there.

We all know the reality of shopping online: You intended to purchase one thing, and somehow you end up at the checkout with a cartful of items you did not need. You planned to spend only $10, and yet by the time you checkout, you’re $75 in the hole. Retailers win, and it feels like you’ve lost. We understand the struggle—and we want to help you combat it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of smart shopping habits that you can adopt in 2020.

1) Beat Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a practice used by companies in which product prices continuously adjust based on real-time supply and demand. Other factors potentially taken into account are your browsing history and spending patterns.

Online retailers may engage in dynamic pricing by quietly changing the price of an item if you return a second time to look at it. The site assumes you have a greater desire for the product and increases the cost.

Dynamic pricing is legal, but it can mean you might end up paying a higher price than you would have just a short time ago. To get around dynamic pricing, follow these steps:

  • Clear your cookies
  • Incognito mode because sometimes retailers use your IP location to change prices
  • Use a comparison shopping engine like Popcart.

2) Check Your Buy Again Page

Learn from yourself to continue to outsmart dynamic pricing before every purchase. When you need to repurchase something, do you search for it on Amazon’s home page, or go to your Buy Again page?

If you search for the result, chances are you’re getting a new listing, one that could be higher! Instead, go to your Buy Again page on Amazon. This will be the same listing you bought last time. From there, you can use the Popcart extension to make sure you’re still getting the same deal.

Keep in mind; this trick will work on almost any shopping site and can be used to learn over time. For example, if you’ve been using the Subscribe & Save feature (which we don’t recommend.) Then, you’ll be able to go to your shopping history to see what you’ve paid overtime.

Once you cancel your Subscribe & Save (which we know you will), you’ll be able to go to the listing and use Popcart to see just how much you can save by ordering it when you need it. Make sure to use the steps from tip one to maximize your results!

3) Diversify Your Shopping

When we find something we like that has been good for us, we stay faithful. This can be a cause for concern when it comes to our shopping habits. Our love and obsession with popular all-in-one sites are a great example of this.

When we need something, we go straight to that trusted site and never even venture to see if there is another, more affordable option available. Due to this, we can end up spending way more on a product than we have to because we didn’t take the time to diversify our exploration of deals and compare prices.

We want things now, hence the advancement of services like same-day shipping and even 2-hour shipping. However, this constant need for immediate assistance costs us more than just that yearly subscription to a site. Be more cautious of who you allow yourself to commit to. Healthy shopping is more than just an activity; it sits a commitment to the betterment of your overall lifestyle.

4) Compare Prices for Everything

Wanting a great deal is natural; finding it can be a pain. Price comparison tools (like Popcart!) aid you in finding the best price for an item, and some (hint, hint: Popcart…) can also compare that price by unit instead of a general listing. This can help you see more clearly the value you can potentially save. Many times, for example, bulk listings are advertised as more significant savings, but the price doesn’t truly reflect a real deal.

Considering how easy it is to save money shopping online, the hardest part might be remembering all the different ways you can go about saving. Want to shop smart in 2020? Dig a little deeper and install Popcart to help you do the homework in finding the amount of real savings.

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