popcartJune 14, 2021

Must-Haves for a Summer on the Lake

The sun is shining and warmer days are upon us. After a long winter and nearly a year of shelter-in-place orders, it’s finally time to rediscover life and enjoy the outdoors. Now that Covid-related mandates are being lifted, live entertainment, events and venues across the nation are reopening their doors for a sun-kissed summer of adventure and fun.

Our favorite place to be during the summer? By the water. With a majority of people already planning trips to the lake, we thought we’d help make the memories unforgettable with our list of must-haves for spending summer days by the lake.

YETI Portable Cooler

YETI coolers have always been a reliable means of storing and transporting all your necessities to the beach, pools, family BBQs and lakes. From snacks for the kids to tasty lunchtime sandwiches, YETI portable coolers are built for quality and convenience – ensuring your food and drinks are safely stored for a day of fun.

Find on Amazon for $399.98.

Inflatable Boats

As you’re hanging out lakeside, you’ll eventually want to cool off and enjoy the refreshing water. While splashing around is always a good time, you can kick the thrills up a notch by grabbing one of these epic inflatable boats. Whether you want to face-off with friends for a boat race or cruise around the lake at your leisure, this 3-person inflatable boat features a soft floor, grab rope and oar locks for maximum enjoyment. 

Find on Amazon for $67.40.

Portable Phone Charger

While heading to the lake allows us to enjoy Mother Nature, many people still want to remain plugged in. Whether you’re waiting on an important work-related call or you have an emergency, nabbing one of these portable chargers will ensure that your phone doesn’t lose its juice and you stay connected.

Find on Walmart for $19.66.

Portable Speaker

When you spend your days by the lake, you’re going to want to create the perfect ambiance. And, let’s be honest, what’s more fun than jamming out to your favorite tunes? Bring along a portable speaker with Bluetooth capabilities to connect to your phone and bust a move to your favorite playlist!

Find Walmart for $39.99.

A Water Bottle For On-the-Go

Long days under the balmy sun means it’s important to stay hydrated. To protect your well-being, invest in a foam insulated water bottle that’ll keep your water cool and refreshing all day long. Buy one online and bring the thermos along to have by your side while on the lake.

Find on Bed, Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

Bring Wine and Some Tumblrs to the Lake

A day of fun at the lake wouldn’t be complete without the company of a little alcoholic beverage. Although wine doesn’t seem like the best beverage to transport, pour the contents in a to-go cooler and some tumblrs, and it’s the perfect drink to share with friends.

Find on Amazon for $85.95.


It may not be your first initial thought when packing for the lake, but protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is an essential part of enjoying your trip. While at the lake, make sure you keep yourself protected from the sun by stocking up on sunscreen.

Find on Amazon for $12.97.

A First Aid Kit

While you’re packing your food, water, swim trunks and other items for the lake, remember that safety is always part of the equation. In the event that someone is hurt, a First Aid kit is really handy to have. Whether you simply need a bandaid for a small scratch or the injury is slightly more severe, a First Aid kit is an effective way to handle unexpected bumps and bruises along the way. 

Find on Amazon for $11.97.

Beach Chairs

You should always bring some beach chairs along with you to the lake. This is so you can camp around the water and have somewhere comfortable to sit when you’re enjoying the delicious hamburger you’ve just grilled on your portable grill. 

Find on Amazon for $36.42.

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