popcartDecember 4, 2020

5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Tis the season to do holiday shopping. The major holidays are around the corner and though 2020 has been a difficult year, families and friends still want to partake in the spirit of gift-giving. Online shopping is more prevalent than ever, as is saving money on shopping.

Saving money is easier than you think when you follow the tips listed below. 

Set A Budget Beforehand

It is easy to splurge when you are gift shopping for your loved ones. You see something here, something there, and suddenly, you’re overspending. To avoid spending too much money that leaves you worse for wear or prevents you from buying gifts from someone else, budgeting is key.

Before you set off to purchase gifts, it’s suggested to sit down and determine how much money you are comfortable spending during the holiday season. How much you wish to spend on each person – while also not breaking the bank. Some ways to accomplish this is to search for coupons, track discount sales, and compare prices between stores.

Plan What To Buy When You Make a List

Just as planning your budget prior to gift shopping, planning what you intend on purchasing for your loved ones is just as important. Rather than scrolling through online shopping outlets for gifts, getting an idea of what you plan to buy someone is better. This gives your loved one a more personalized gift and also prevents you from mindlessly spending. Planning your budget and planning what to buy go hand in hand. 

Look Beyond Coupons

Many online extensions are designed to find someone the best deals by using coupons. Popcart goes beyond coupons to save money. Popcart’s price comparison tool allows for instant price comparisons between major retails. Find a product on Amazon you love? Popcart will let you it’s $20 less somewhere else. 

In addition, Popcart has developed a Price Drop alert to unlock even more savings. Set up an alert for a product to ensure the moment it hits a sale, you’ll be the first to know. Even better?. The person you’re buying for won’t know the methods you took to save money.

Put Together a Secret Santa

Depending on how many people you’re meeting with for the holidays, the amount of gifts you need to buy increases. If you are meeting up with a group of people for the holidays, suggest something such as a Secret Santa. This reduces the amount of people you must buy gifts for to one, thus saving you a ton of cash.

See Which Retailers Are Holding Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed, but this isn’t the only time during the holiday season that you can save. December 14th is Free Shipping Day, where most major retailers don’t charge shipping for that day. By seeing who is participating in this event, as well as others similar, you can save money. A tool like Popcart can help you in keeping an eye out for these events.

Popcart is a Free Chrome extension that can help you save money – with instant price comparisons between retailers, online coupons, and price drop and back-in-stock alerts. Online shoppers find Popcart useful all year round, but especially during the holiday season. Especially during the holiday season in 2020.