popcartOctober 30, 2019

Shopping with Peace of Mind is Here

Popcart is live! 🎉

Come check out what we’ve been up to and how we’re building a tool that makes it easy to compare prices for the things you buy all the time.

In this latest version of the app, we’ve added features and adjusted the experience to meet the demands of online shopping in the age of coronavirus. The app includes:

Meet Popcart

Popcart is a price comparison tool that makes shopping online for the things you buy all the time simpler. The way it should be. We have gotten used to tools that help us find the best airline ticket prices. But when it comes to the things we buy all the time – from paper towels to snacks, from pet food to vitamins – we have nothing. A dizzying array of packaging options, flavors, and scents may be designed to please everyone but in practice has the effect of frustrating any manual effort to find the best prices on dog food, diapers, or dry shampoo.

Let us explain. Existing price comparison tools and hacks like opening multiple browser tabs to compare prices are time consuming and one-dimensional. They don’t consider all of the dimensions: retailers, packaging, and variation in flavor/scent/other attributes. This is where unit pricing comes into play. Unit prices allow you to quickly compare prices when shopping for toilet paper, breakfast cereal, shampoo, you name it, without the tedious mental math. Knowing how much a product costs per ounce or per sheet is the key to finding out if one box or package is a better price than the other. Popcart is our stab at doing exactly that.

Why We Built Popcart.

To our founders, Omri and Ryan, the brains behind Popcart, it was readily apparent that comparing prices for the things you buy all the time, those everyday essentials, was deeply flawed, and yet a lynchpin of the week-to-week workflow for so many of us running a home. We all know airline fares, hotel rooms, and concert tickets frequently change in price. But what if I told you prices for the everyday essentials like shampoo, vitamins, and snacks change just as often?

So they built Popcart. In simple terms, it’s a better price comparison tool. It’s a better way to search, compare, and save money on the things you buy all the time.

We’re stepping out of stealth mode and into the spotlight. With Popcart we’re hoping to deliver a new way to compare prices online that is easy, transparent, and downright lovable.

Stay tuned 🙂

And yes, we love our emojis.

Popcart’s waiting.

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As always, if you have questions, ideas or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at team@popcart.com.