popcartMarch 22, 2021

Smart Home Upgrades

Smart home improvements are not only interesting and entertaining, they can also be an important investment in your home. With robust monitoring features, the opportunity to save on monthly bills, and the potential increase in home value, it’s past time to think about smartening up your home!

In fact a recent survey showed that 40% (and growing) of realtors believe that smart homes sell quicker – regardless of the price! An upgraded home is particularly attractive to younger buyers who are looking for a move-in-ready home to satisfy their techy interests. Here are 5 smart home upgrades that will pay off now and later:

Smart Thermostat

It’s no surprise that a smart thermostat tops our list. With automated climate control, you can make controlling your home temperature easy and convenient as well as quickly see the cost savings on your monthly bills.. You can find them many types online and relatively inexpensively. Currently, the popular Google Nest Thermostat is on Amazon for only $129.99. 

Ring Doorbell

Safety is a key priority for any homeowner. Having motion lights just isn’t enough. By installing a Ring Doorbell, you have the ability to see who is at your front door and can even add multiple security cameras on the exterior and interior that also sync to the system. You no longer have to guess who is at your door, and you can even see who is poking around from your phone when you aren’t home. There are similar video doorbell systems, but Ring is the most well-known and the one we suggest. You can find them at Best Buy for a reasonable price. 

Smart Shades

While you may not think of “smart” when you think of blinds, think again. Installing smart shades is another way you can upgrade your home in the new year. Save money on heating and cooling when you opt for automated shades. Don’t get up and struggle with cords; fix the blinds with a simple remote control. This is a practical and functional part of your home, which you can get on Amazon

Smart Toilet

Now, a smart toilet is certainly pricier than the other options on this list. However, it is a great smart home upgrade to consider – not only for yourself but also if you are looking to sell your home. It may sound strange, but in our new cleanly world, bidets are in!  The smart toilet we suggest is the Toto Washlet – found on Amazon. With this smart toilet, you can enjoy 3D Tornado Technology, which only uses 1.28 gallons per flush. With this, you can save over 16,000 gallons of water per year. The lid opens and closes automatically, and the cleaning function comes with five different settings. 

Smart Lock

The last item we want to highlight here is a smart lock. The Ultraloq is weatherproof and comes with fingerprint recognition. Feel futuristic when you are able to unlock your home with a touchscreen keycode. You are able to add 95 different codes and secure against home invaders. The lock can also be open with a smartphone. For those not quite ready to embrace the tech, the Ultaloq has the ability to be opened with a physical key as well. This option can be found on Amazon.

Upgrading your home can be rewarding, but can be pricey. This is why installing Popcart on your Google Chrome browser is the “smart” answer. Popcart helps you find the best deals online – automatically.