popcart popcartJune 15, 2021

The Popcart Mobile App is Here

At Popcart, we’re driven by providing users with an easier, more convenient shopping experience. Instant price comparison? Back-in-stock alerts? Yes, please. With our Where to Buy Guides and simple-to-install Chrome extension, shoppers have been able to conserve their hard-earned dollars while browsing their favorite products online. 

We’ve been here for holidays, special occasions and even those ordinary Tuesday afternoons when you’re craving a little retail therapy. We all shop, but Popcart has made shopping a more streamlined – and dare we say…fun – experience.

Now, we’re making our services available on-the-go with our brand new Popcart mobile app for iPhone. In today’s modern, fast-paced world, people are constantly using their smartphones for everything from browsing their social feeds to jumping on business-related conference calls. So, it only made sense for Popcart’s next product unveiling to revolve around the mobile experience. Plus, we can’t lie, there’s a myriad of features we know you’ll absolutely love!

The Popcart mobile app is replete with everything you already love about our Chrome Extension – except with some additional perks that will really make the app incredibly valuable. Need more convincing? Here are some other reasons why you’ll want to download our new mobile app ASAP!

Features That’ll Make Shopping Easier:

1. Instant Price Comparison

When you’re on the go, time is precious – and that means obtaining quick, on-demand information when you need it. With the mobile app downloaded to your smartphone, you’ll have access to instantaneous price comparisons at over 500+ featured stores with the tap of a finger. All you have to do is sit back and let Popcart do the hard work for you. Whether you’re shopping at your favorite retailer or hitting up a department store for a gift, we’ve got you covered.

2. Scan & Save In-Store

By using our barcode scanning feature, you can scan a product right in the aisle and be sure you are getting the best price before heading to checkout.  Many times stores will have lower prices online compared to in-store. With the Popcart app in hand, just ask for a price adjustment at checkout to lock in the best deal.

3. Favorites

In the new Popcart app, saving an item to your list of favorites takes just one tap.  Head over to the favorite screen to check on prices for a wish list item or reorder your regulars at the best price every time!

Protect Your Money

Unfortunately, especially after the economic impact of the pandemic, many stores have taken advantage of consumers by price gouging their products. The Popcart mobile app was expertly crafted to flag any suspicious or potential price gouging you may unknowingly run into. In addition, our intuitive system will inform you when a product you’re looking at from online sellers like Amazon or Walmart may be too good to be true. Our goal is to protect consumers from falling into this unfair trap.

Helping our users save money is something that we pride ourselves on. Once you have the app downloaded onto your smartphone, the insider information will instantly start rolling in – meaning discounts, price comparisons and alerts on your favorite products. Find deals on websites including Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.