popcartJuly 15, 2021

The Best in Athleisure Wear

Remember the days before the onset of COVID-19? The majority of us would wake up, hit the snooze button (one-too-many times) and throw on our office attire for the day. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t use the word “comfortable” to describe our business professional clothing. 

From high heels that made our feet ache to suits we couldn’t wait to swap for sweats at the end of the day, if there was one positive that surfaced from the difficult and challenging 2020 year, it was the ability to work from home in our PJs.

Now that scores of workers are returning to the workplace once more, let’s agree to leave the uncomfortable business attire in the past. And just to be clear: please don’t show up in your birthday suit. The solution? Athleisure wear. 

Athleisure is a popular and stylish hybrid of loungewear and workout clothes designed for versatility – meaning you can wear them to the office, school, gym or, heck, even while binge-watching Netflix on the couch. 

To help get you started, here are some of our favorite staple pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Athleta Blazer

Forget the stiff blazers that make your arms feel immobile. This black Interstellar Blazer can be paired with a myriad of looks – dress it up for work then throw on a pair of jeans and wear it while you sip on a martini for happy hour. 

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Kranda Women’s Sleeveless Athletic Dress

Made with lightweight, breathable fabric, this dress is a must-have for a day at the office. It even has pockets! Rock it with a blazer and heels, wear it to brunch with the girls or hit the golf course – however you wear it, you’ll be comfy and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. 

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Longline Racerback Sports Bra

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this Dylan Longline Racerback Sports Bra works great under a button-down shirt, while also providing support for days when you’re hiking or enjoying the outdoors. The stretchy knit material is super cozy.   

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Uptempo Tank

Perfect for bodies of all shapes and sizes, everyone knows a good tank top is a closet staple that can be paired with virtually any look. This Uptempo Tank is ultra-soft and can be worn under a blazer, to dinner, while shopping or when you’re lounging around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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High Rise Leggings

Why wear stiff jeans or suit pants when you can throw on a cozy pair of leggings? Leggings not only feel good, but they’re incredibly flexible, so you can move around with ease. These high-rise leggings are perfect for all different types of events – from casual to an evening of networking with other professionals.

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