popcartDecember 10, 2020

The Internet’s Favorite Gifts of 2020

Shoppers could tell what were the “it” products during the holidays by looking through magazines. Toys R Us, Best Buy, RadioShack, and more all had flyers outlining what the most sought after gifts were. It was from here that consumers could see what was popular and what would make a great gift for a loved one. Now, shopping is done primarily online. Though there are less physical catalogs to flip through, it’s pretty easy to see what the internet loves this year. Hashtags are the new catalogs.

The Greatest Gift Will Always Be Food

Deliver-to-your-home food services were popular even before lockdowns kept everyone inside. Services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Freshly, and more seemed as if they were the perfect ways to make perfect homemade meals without the fuss. Meal services provide easy to use instructions, including all the necessary ingredients, and open up the minds of those who may not have known what to make for dinner. Gifting someone with a free week(s) of any food delivery service is a wonderful surprise. Their stomachs and wallets will thank you.

Price: Currently starting at $5.49 per meal

Link: Hello Fresh

Crispy Meals Made Healthy

Keeping in the realm of food, air-fryers seem to be all the rage right now. Everyone loves a nice crispy piece of chicken, but using oil to fry your cutlets in isn’t the healthiest option. Air fryers allow home cooks to enjoy the same taste and flavor with an air-fryer. Anything can be made in air fryers, even including pizzas. There are plenty of recipes online that include air fryers, which make them extremely popular this holiday season.

Price: $29.99

Link: Best Buy

Baby Yoda is Always In Style

It was recently revealed that The Child’s name is Grogu, but we don’t tell if you keep calling him Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian’s breakout star is also one of the top gifts this season. Baby Yoda isn’t just for children – adults also want their hands on this adorable little creature. A plush Baby Yoda is perfect for decorating your home with or even joining your pillow collection. Your child will certainly love cuddling up with this plush at night and the image will be so cute, you’ll have to take multiple photos for the scrapbook.

Price: $24.99

Link: Barnes n Noble

Bring Back Old School Cameras With the Fujifilm Insta Mini 11

People love nostalgia. Everyone takes photos on their phone and uploads these images to whichever social media platform they want to. In the not so distant past, however; camera film needed to be developed and printed physically. There has been a huge call for a modern take on the polaroid camera, which the Fujifilm Insta Mini 11 delivers on. Compact and easy to use, this top gift prints images instantly so you can pin a photo to your fridge, a vision board, or give to your best friend. 

Price: $69.99

Link: Best Buy

The Gift of Saving Money

Shopping online is certainly easy compared to navigating overcrowded stores. Popcart’s FREE Chrome extension makes that shopping experience even easier. With the tools to compare prices for items across the internet, it is the perfect gift to give yourself to help save money on gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.