popcartNovember 25, 2020

Top Holiday Sell-Out Toys for 2020

2020 has delayed a lot of events, but it has not canceled the holidays and the spirit of gift-giving! Children are excited for Santa to appear, and parents have extra time and energy to give to choosing the perfect gifts. If you have no idea what the best toy to buy your child is, we’ve curated a list of the Top Holiday Toys for 2020 to make sure that you make the holidays special for the kiddos. The best thing about this list is that every toy can be found online!

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Give Your Child Their Very Own ‘The Child’ For Christmas

Marketing likes to name him ‘The Child’, but we all know him as Baby Yoda. Ever since The Mandalorian hit Disney+ last year, people have been obsessed with this adorable little character. That is why the Stars Wars The Child Animatronic Edition is a deserving toy to be featured on the Top Holiday Sell-Out Toys for 2020 list. Available on Amazon and distributed by Hasbro, this toy has twenty-five pre-recorded phrases installed in it that can be activated by touching the top of its head. Your child can have their very own Child with this hot toy item.

Price: $59.00

Link: Amazon

CurliGirls Collectible Dolls Are a Must-Buy 

CurliGirls literally stole the show at the New York Toy Fair. If your child enjoys playing with hair and you want to get them something that they can be creative with, CurliGirls is a must-buy. Coming in several different versions, CurliGirls has hair that instantly curls when you use beads, clips, or hair braids. The manufacturer recommends CurliGirls for ages three and up, and it’s a toy that will entertain your child for many hours.

Price: $9.99

Link: Amazon

Help Your Child Learn to Style Hair With Healthy Roots Doll: Zoe

Healthy Roots Doll: Zoe comes from a Black-owned business that has put out the mission to help little girls love and style their hair. The hair on this doll is specifically made to be washed and styled with real products. It should be noted that Healthy Roots Doll: Zoe was so popular that it is currently sold out! But, you can preorder it online or set up a back-in-stock alert through Popcart!

Price: $79.99

Link: Healthy Roots

What Kid Doesn’t Like Monster Trucks?

It’s time to have some fun with Air Hogs Super Soft Stunt Shot Indoor Remote Control Stunt Vehicle. Put the control in your child’s hands when you give them this remote-controlled big-wheel car to play with. This RC stunt vehicle is rechargeable and can be used both outside and inside the home. This toy can flip upside down, spin at 360 degrees, and rebound off walls. This toy is really going to excite your child and they will be able to spend endless hours of fun – money well spent!

Price: $29.99

Link: Target

The World of Online Video-Making Starts Early

Such apps as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more are popular due to their ability to make entertaining videos. Get in on the phone with your child when you buy them a VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam. This kid-friendly camera allows your kids to set up a camera to take HD videos and play with over 20 different animated backgrounds. You’ll be giving your child a leg-up by developing their skills young and the camera is not connected to WiFi, so you, as the parent, still control what goes on the internet. 

Price: $59.99

Link: Target

Bring some joy to the end of this difficult year with any of these fun toys! Of course, given the realities of 2020, we’re all about saving a little extra! Download Popcart’s FREE Chrome extension for the best in coupons, price comparisons, and more!