popcartMay 6, 2021

Vaccinated and Ready to Mingle?

After a year of social distancing and stay-at-home protocols, America is finally on the brink of returning to pre-pandemic normalcy. With quarantine restrictions being lifted and individuals receiving their vaccinations, people are now feeling more comfortable with the prospect of leaving their homes. 

Restaurants, movie theaters and similar businesses are finally reopening – meaning the days spent in your PJs binge-watching Netflix are coming to a close (except on those lazy Sunday afternoons, of course!). 

It likely feels like ages ago since you’ve gotten out of the house to mingle with family or friends. To help you get back on track, here’s everything you need to get reacquainted with normal life after a year inside.

Portable Phone Charger

You may have been sitting next to an outlet during the entire pandemic, but now that you have the opportunity to add on-the-go activities to your schedule, you’ll need to make sure your phone is powered up at all times. A portable phone charger will ensure that you can access your smartphone to text friends, post on social media or browse the internet anytime and anywhere. 

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Sunscreen to Protect Your Face

With the outdoors comes the need to protect your skin – especially now that the warm summer sun is making its debut. Having sunscreen on hand to protect your face and exposed skin is imperative for preventing sun damage.

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A Sheet Mask For The Night After

Whether you have a girl’s night out on the calendar or you’re planning on tailgating with friends at an upcoming sports event, furnish your skin with a little R&R with a sheet mask. After washing away the sunscreen and any other makeup you’re wearing, a sheet mask is the perfect way to prevent breakouts and revitalize your skin.

Find on Ulta for $25.00.

Style Your Hair While You’re Out and About

You’ve probably gotten used to waking up and not doing anything with your hair, except for the occasional Zoom meeting. To ensure your hair looks expertly styled and holds its luscious shape throughout the day or night, stock up on some quality hairspray.

Find on Ulta for $19.95. 

Touch Up Your Roots Before You Head Out

Speaking of hair, if you don’t have time to go to the salon before going out to eat, attending an event with friends or arriving at a new job interview, you can touch up your roots beforehand to keep your locks looking fresh. 

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Get a New Flat-Iron

Your flat iron probably didn’t come out of hiding throughout the quarantine and now that lockdown protocols are being lifted, it may be time to grab yourself a new flat iron. By getting a three-in-one flat iron, you’ll be saving both time and money. And, let’s be honest: who doesn’t love that?

Find on Ulta for $90.00.

It’s Time to Make Coffee Time Mobile

Instead of enjoying your cup of coffee at home, you’ll likely want to bring your dose of caffeine with you on-the-go – especially if you’re headed to the office. A thermos is ideal for keeping your cup of Joe toasty throughout the day – and, let’s not forget, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative as well. 

Find on Bed Bath and Beyond for $24.99.

Bring Everything You Need with a Brand New Tote Bag

With the weather growing warmer, cart all your favorite essentials with you by grabbing a stylish new tote bag. Store your phone, wallet and sunscreen in a bag that will make you look put together while you’re out and about. 

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Grab Some Comfortable Shoes

It’s going to feel good stretching your legs after quarantine. Make sure you grab yourself a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals to enjoy on the sunny outdoor days.

Find on Amazon for $89.00.

An Insulated Travel Water Mug

Make sure you stay hydrated while at the beach, at work or at the park. With a new travel insulated water mug, you can remain hydrated even while you aren’t within arms length of your fridge.

Find on Amazon for $29.20.

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