popcartMarch 6, 2020

Why Coupons Are Not Enough

Apps, extensions, and weekly flyers galore! Ways to access coupons, rebates, and compare prices are growing every day. What was supposed to be an industry built on facilitating shopping and bringing you great deals, has made navigating the savings market practically impossible.

That’s precisely why we decided to tackle-breaking down popular money-saving tactics while also hinting at the reasons we started Popcart: to make your shopping experience easier and more beneficial than ever before.

Whether you receive your coupons in your mailbox, inbox, or as a notification on an app, here are just a few ways, coupons are taking the back seat, and Popcart can help to make shopping a breeze.

You’ll end up shopping longer

Those who want to save money also like saving time. Time is money, and that’s why it’s important to note that couponing and searching your apps and flyers for a coupon can be quite time-consuming.


You need to pick up that new bareMinerals lip shade for your company’s annual gala.

You only have four minutes to find it and complete a check out so that it can ship on time, but you saw a coupon on one of your apps, and you can benefit from saving that extra cash.

The problem is you can’t remember which app or pocket you placed that coupon in!

Meanwhile, if Popcart was added on as an extension, you can immediately see if the best deal is on Sephora, or if another retailer is offering it at a lower price.

They don’t always save you money

Check your wallet, because coupons can end up tricking you into spending more than they say they will save you.

Start with looking at how they may push you to buy in bulk to save a few cents. At the moment, it seems you can benefit from the large supply, but that’s not the case. You end up spending more than you budgeted for due to games they play to get more money.

For example, they can push you to hit a spending goal. This trick will get you to be more open with your budget. They require you to spend a certain amount before a coupon can be used. You think you’ve saved but you might have just spent extra money on things you don’t need.

In a 2006 study, researchers concluded that when shoppers were presented with a coupon that required a minimum purchase, they spent substantially more compared to shoppers who used a coupon with no such commitment required. At the end of the day, are you really saving money in this scenario?

As a price comparison site, Popcart wants to focus on showing you similar products when the price drops, not encourage you to buy more than what is needed. We’ll only show you comparable products if there is currently no deal in the same quantity you’re looking to buy.

Couponing can be mentally draining

Shopping should be fun, but between juggling saving money, saving time, and being aware of a company or coupon’s true intentions, it can leave you on edge. Individuals who become a part of couponing are advised to keep their mental health in check.

The disappointment that can come with a coupon being found that ends up being expired or denied due to a fine-print rule can cause unsettling feelings for many. Coupon companies have no intention of making your shopping experience carefree.

Popcart aims to make saving money a second hand thought. We strive for you to become so comfortable and confident in our product, knowing that IF there is a deal out there, we’ll quickly find it and share it with you.

Make Popcart the backbone to your online shopping experience. Find the lowest price available and make sure it’s not a sketchy third-party seller. We’ll set you up for success.

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