popcartJanuary 28, 2020

Why Other Shopping Extensions Aren’t Enough

Honey, Wikibuy, and Popcart? Oh my! With so many extensions offering to save you some significant cash, how can you navigate which extensions to add and which to pass up?

From coupons to price comparison to cash back – here are the details you need to know.

Also – why we think Popcart is the right extension to add to your collection.

Let’s Start With Honey

The Honey browser extension is known for finding promo codes. When you’ve already decided to make a purchase at an online retailer and you’re ready to check out, Honey will find and test a list of possible promo codes to see if they can help you save on your purchase. Many online shoppers know and love Honey for this, as it saves shoppers the hassle of trying to search for promo codes elsewhere.

Since Honey launched, they’ve also added additional features to their browser extension including cash back and price comparison across different sellers on Amazon.

Next Comes Wikibuy

Wikibuy, like Honey, also finds you coupon codes and provides cash back as you make purchases at different retailers. When it comes to price comparison, they have a bit more functionality than Honey. When you’re shopping on Amazon with the Wikibuy extension, they’ll compare the price of your item across different sellers on Amazon and they’ll compare the price to other retailers like Ebay and Walmart.

How Popcart leads in Price Comparison

While Wikibuy and Honey have some great coupon finding capabilities, when it comes to price comparison, what they’re doing isn’t nearly enough. That’s where Popcart comes in. Honey and Wikibuy provide price comparison tools on Amazon (as does Popcart), but they don’t provide any price comparison guidance when you’re shopping on other major sites like Walmart, Target, Sephora and Ulta. Popcart, on the other hand, is actively searching across the internet for a better price when you shop on these retailers.

How Popcart leads in online safety

What about those shady third-party sellers on Amazon and Ebay that Honey and Wikibuy are pointing you to? Neither offers any alerts or warnings when shopping through these drop shippers, scammers, and con-artists galore, but Popcart does!

We care about your online safety, so we show you warning badges when we find sellers who don’t have great ratings or reviews. Also, we aim to ensure every step of the shopping process is enjoyable and efficient. We want to keep enough in your pocketbook so you can go back for more when you want and need to.

With Popcart, you can compare across all major shopping platforms. Whether you want to check out the price of NARS’s coveted new lipstick shade – or a new grill for spring cookouts – our price comparison extension will find the absolute best price.

We put together this nifty set of examples to demonstrate how Popcart, Honey and Wikibuy compare when it comes to shopping across some major online retailers.

Razor 36 Volt Ecosmart Metro Scooter at Target

KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer at Walmart

AB Fab Gel Fantasy Nails at Amazon

Elchim Light Ionic Fifties Blue Hair Dryer at Ulta

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Make Popcart the backbone to your online shopping experience. Find the lowest price available and make sure it’s not a sketchy third-party seller. We’ll set you up for success.

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