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About Popcart

Short description

Popcart is the first browser extension that easily compares prices for everything you shop for online.

The boilerplate description

Not so long ago, comparison shopping meant visiting your local corner store and looking at the price tags with the orange price-per-unit on the shelf. Fast forward to online comparison shopping today. You have to open multiple browser tabs or apps, sort through different prices by size, scent, and retailer, and attempt some very tedious mental math. Never sure if you’re getting the best price.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Popcart was founded to address the growing complexity of getting fair prices when shopping online. Our purpose is to give people an easier way to compare prices before making a purchase. Popcart is the first and only browser extension that gives shoppers peace of mind they're always getting the best price by comparing prices at the unit price.

Brand Assets

Get our full brand assets kit, including logos, product screenshots, and a usage guide to help determine when and how to utilize our brand.

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The same logo can be used on light- as well as dark-colored backgrounds.

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The same icon can be used on light- as well as dark-colored backgrounds.

Color Palette
  • #FF3C78Popcart Pink
  • #2C2738Popcart Black
  • #FFE2ECPopcart Pink Tint
  • #EBF4F8Popcart Black Tint
Popcart screenshot - buying options
Popcart screenshot - banner
Popcart: easily compare prices down to the last cent
Popcart: Peace of mind that you are getting the best prices
Popcart: Shop smarter not harder
Popcart: Comparison shopping in multiple dimensions
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Omri Traub headshot
Omri TraubCo-founder & CEO

For twenty years, Omri Traub has been leading software development teams in building innovative products that solve complex user needs in dramatically better ways. Omri is currently Founder and CEO of Popcart, revolutionizing the way shoppers compare prices in seconds for everyday purchases down to the unit price. Before that, he was VP of Engineering at Oracle where he led the Endeca team focused on Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization which was eventually acquired by Oracle in 2011 for $1.1B. Before Endeca, Omri was involved in a number of early stage startups. His first startup, founded with a couple of college friends in 1998, was successfully sold within a year. Twenty years later, the product Omri and his partners created is still in use by tens of thousands of users world-wide. Omri graduated from Harvard University with a B.A and M.S in Computer Science. He lives in Brookline with his wife and three sons.

Ryan Stark headshot
Ryan StarkCo-founder

In 2017 Ryan Co-Founded Popcart to give online shoppers a whole new way of shopping. He is a geek at heart who loves applying technology in ways that help enhance people’s lives. Developing data strategies and building systems has been the consistent theme in Ryan’s career that has included consulting with retail, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare firms. Before Popcart, Ryan was at Endeca which was acquired by Oracle in 2011 where he led product strategy for Oracle’s platform for Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization. Ryan graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A in Operations & Information Management. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two children.