This program has now ended.

Our Refer a Friend Program ended on April 7, 2020. Any users who entered on or before April 7, 2020 are still eligible for their reward upon completing the terms of the program.

To qualify for a referral reward, referred user must be a new user who has (a) never previously created a Popcart account and (b) never used a computer that has previously been linked to a Popcart account. Referred user must also (1) use a unique referral link to install, (2) keep the Popcart extension active for 30 days on a Chrome desktop browser, and (3) make one qualifying purchase. A user is not considered “active” if the user uninstalls, disables, or deactivates the Popcart chrome extension. An active user must open a Chrome browser window at least once on four distinct days during the promotional period. Qualifying purchases are (1) made on a desktop computer with the Popcart extension installed and active, and (2) made at one of our supported retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sephora or Ulta. Rewards are limited to U.S. residents only. Referrer will only receive rewards for the first 20 users they refer. All accounts are subject to review. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Read our full terms and conditions here.

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