What information does Popcart collect?

We only collect information that helps you shop smarter. If you choose to register as a member we collect your email or optionally you can choose to link your Facebook account to simplify the login process. Like most online services, Popcart collects technical data about your device and how you use Popcart to make sure our product is working correctly, saving you as much money as possible, and to detect and prevent fraud. 


If you download and use our browser extension, we may collect information including but not limited to product pages viewed, price, title, sku, upc , approximate location data, order completion, coupons or promotions applied (included if they were effective)


Popcart does NOT collect any information from your search history, emails, or any website that’s not US based retail store. We never collect shipping information, payment information or any other billing related information. You can learn more by reading our Privacy Policy.

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